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Exiting lockdown – the Recovery Wave

Exiting Lockdown

The events of the last few months have had a tremendous effect on business.  They have created disruption across all industries impacting revenues, staff, and projects.  For many businesses the events have also acted as a catalyst for IT transformation with almost every industry having to embrace some form of remote working for many, if not all, of their employees.

This move to remote working has been supported by many communications providers offering remote working licences free of charge for 60-90 days.  This has eased the burden in moving to remote working, but it has created a number of challenges that will need to be addressed as we exit lockdown. So as businesses start that process there will be a wave of activities that business need to undertake.  These will need to cover:

  • Embracing the Cloud. With the abrupt requirement to move to remote working lots of businesses took advantage of FOC licences from their suppliers for various  cloud services. It is unlikely that businesses are going to go straight back to their old way of working, so they should be developing a strategy for moving away from these FOC licences to fully paid and supported options.  And lot of these services were put in place very quickly without the normal evaluation process so businesses will need to validate that the solutions put in place will best meet their needs moving forward.
  • Securing the extended perimeter.  Where they have moved from office working to remote working business should now be reviewing their strategy for securing their data in this new model.  The old hub and spoke network model has been replaced with a mesh of connections to a variety of SaaS services all of which are delivered a wide variety of devices in their homes.  Securing the access to these services, and managing and monitoring who does have access to the data stored in these services, is proving to be a huge challenge.  Businesses will need to review and then evaluate whether they are still meeting their regulatory obligations.
  • Working with the Agile Workforce.  After the lockdown businesses will continue to have a much more geographically distributed workforce.  Some may return to work in offices however many will want to continue to work from home.  This means  businesses will be looking to update their infrastructure to give them the flexibility and choice to have people work from wherever they need them to. The idea of the secure workplace LAN + VPN access for remote workers has performed poorly when everyone needed to be out of the office, emphasising the need to review IT infrastructure needs.  Businesses will also need to re-assess the role of their Contact Centre with a renewed focus on automating transactions and taking  advantage of all the latest advances in Natural Language processing, and Contact Centre and Communications Platform as a Service.

JT offers a range of assessment led engagements that enable companies to build a technology roadmap that will ensure they are fit for business for the new normal.

If you’d like to find to more about the options available to you in these areas then contact us on and we’ll be happy to setup a call to discuss them with you.

You can find out more about Cloud Contact Centres here: and about securing the extended perimeter here:

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