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How to add Home Working Call Centre Capacity quickly

In the current situation if your business needs to setup call centre facilities quickly it’s well worth looking at the cloud contact centre solutions available. These usually provide the technologies to build chatbot and IVR interfaces quickly, and natural language tools make these much more customer friendly.  And the cloud based solutions allow you to get something up and running quickly. Often something simple can be in place in 24 hours. These solutions work particularly well for home workers. By using WebRTC to handle the calls you can make use of the home workers Internet connection.  All that’s then needed at home is a laptop with a USB headset. Most importantly because all of this is handled via the cloud the impact on your business infrastructure is minimized.  (If homeworkers don’t already have access to internal systems you will have to look at methods for doing this.)

Every situation is different, but we’ve come up with some general advice on getting things going.  If you want further advice then we’d be happy for you to discuss things with one of our team here.  Just email us on and we’ll set something up.

Keep things simple to start with

  • Initially the goal is to get something up and running so you can communicate with your customers
  • Use a Pay as you Go solution as that can be up and running quickly with minimum cost
  • Be prepared to update your call flows as you get to understand more about what is needed.  Use an agile approach rather than trying to sort everything at once

Don’t look to build new processes

  • If you have a process that works now then still use it.  This is not the time to go for Service Improvement!
  • Initially look for small groups of people that can quickly adapt to the new way of working

Make use of the new tools available

  • Natural language tools can be used to quickly build chatbots and to handle IVR interactions
  • Call flows can be built quickly using drag and drop interfaces
  • You can quickly test what you are developing without the need to deploy new hardware

Start small, but build things up quickly if it working

  • Identify an area where you can test the new way of working.
  • Get one area working before you move to the next
  • Don’t try your most critical area first but be prepared to move quickly to more important areas once you understand the technology
  • Move forward in small steps so you quickly find out what works then you can apply it elsewhere
  • Remember perfection is what holds you back from achieving good.  Good now is better than perfect in 6 months time.

Keep communicating

  • Use your existing channels to message customers about what you are doing
  • Encourage feedback about your customers concerns
  • Being seen to be doing something will help your customers understand your situation as well

If you would like to discuss things in more detail then  email us on and we’ll be happy to have a call with you to discuss possible options.

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