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Exiting lockdown – the Recovery Wave

The events of the last few months have had a tremendous effect on business.  They have created disruption across all industries impacting revenues, staff, and projects.  For many businesses the events have also acted as a catalyst for IT transformation with almost...

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Securing your Remote Workers

With so many businesses having to ask people to work from home, there has a huge increase in remote traffic through corporate servers.  A key challenge for many businesses is that the infrastructure wasn't sized to handle this level of traffic.  For many businesses...

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Making your Internet connection and VC work better at home

In the current situation many people have started working from home for the first time and it presents a whole set of new challenges.  We've compiled some tips to help you get the best out of your internet connection and your online conferences. General advice is to...

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How to add Home Working Call Centre Capacity quickly

In the current situation if your business needs to setup call centre facilities quickly it’s well worth looking at the cloud contact centre solutions available. These usually provide the technologies to build chatbot and IVR interfaces quickly, and natural language...

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Amazon Connect solution delivered to Webvork

Webvōrk is a European affiliate network with top quality private label products for health and wellbeing. They are very keen to be using state-of-the-art technologies to provide high standards for product quality, service and price. They were looking for an Amazon...

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