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Securing your Remote Workers

Global network security

With so many businesses having to ask people to work from home, there has a huge increase in remote traffic through corporate servers.  A key challenge for many businesses is that the infrastructure wasn’t sized to handle this level of traffic.  For many businesses this has meant that remote workers may be using unsecured public internet to access services or, where they are going through the corporate VPN, that the bandwidth available is limited.  Where businesses are willing to scale up their systems to handle this there is also the issue that it is very difficult to procure, install and configure on-premise equipment in the current climate.  The diagram below illustrates the problem with this type of architecture.

One way to quickly get around this issue is to secure the remote access in the cloud.  Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access is an example of the type of solution that allows you to get around this problem.  As a cloud based solution it can be deployed rapidly, and the architecture allows it to scale easily in response to demand.  The diagram below shows how this can be implemented to secure remote workers access to the public internet, and to corporate systems.

Prisma Access Cloud Based Auto scaling

This solution provides multiple security services and you can choose to use the security capabilities that you need including:

  • advanced threat prevention
  • web filtering, sandboxing
  • DNS security
  • credential theft prevention
  • DataLoss Prevention and next-generation firewall policies based on user-to-application and host information profile.

You can find out more about the solutions we offer here: and you can download our Next-Generation Firewall datasheet here:

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