Software Agreement Optimisation

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Software Agreement Optimisation is a best practice framework that enables an interactive and consultative approach to implementing and maintaining an optimised IT estate. This maps out your software compliance project into four distinct phases and provides the most structured approach to achieving effective and comprehensive software lifecycle management and IT optimisation.

The four phases are:

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Optimisation

These are used to take organisations on a journey to software compliance, and provide step-by-step guidance, online tools and dashboards and expert training, all specifically designed to appropriately heighten the understanding around IT legislation within the enterprise and address the risks associated with the illegal use of software.

Why use JT?

  • Benchmark your current Software Asset Management maturity levels
  • Drive typical cost savings of 20-30% through optimisation
  • Implement better governance through policy and processes
  • Gaining visibility of your current software usage
  • Effectively managing your licenses
  • Understanding your current software requirements and plan for future software needs
  • Understanding the impact of technology deployment as it transitions from physical to virtual, or from On-Premise to Hosted or Cloud
  • Mitigate risk of vendor audit and unexpected/unbudgeted cost

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