Take On and Transform

Take On and Transform

JT’s Take On and Transform service takes customers on a journey to a focused, more effective communications service across your entire enterprise. During the Take On phase we will work with you to bring your existing disparate systems into a single service, with a consistent set of SLAS’s ensuring communications continuity across the work force. And as soon as the system has been transitioned we will work with you to identify ways to provide additional benefits, service improvements and cost savings. The cost savings achieved here can then be used to fund the Transformation of the communications service.


Once the existing estate has been Taken On, JT are able to work with you to identify future communications needs and to map out a roadmap to migrate the estate to meet those needs. During the Transformation phase JT will then transform the estate to implement that roadmap.

Why JT’s Take On and Transform service?

  • Simplicity with a simple commercial framework
  • TAke-On cost savings help fund Transformation
  • Bespoke transition plans to identify key locations and priority systems
  • First class service powered by globally recognised market leaders
  • Global reach delivered with local expertise
  • Flexibility creating tailored and scalable solutions specific to your business
  • Increased business efficiency with more effective communications
  • Extensive Due Diligence process to ensure the service will meet customer expectations
  • ITIL based Service Management Centre
  • 24/7*365 monitored support with sustained protection and attack mitigation

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